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Inspired by the NHS’s Diabetes Week and the Talking About Diabetes campaign, I’m putting fingers to keyboard to share my perspectives and experiences of living with Type 1 Diabetes for the last 11 years.  My aim in this is to help and support other people with diabetes, and to connect with the diabetes healthcare community to help them to deepen their understanding of the real life challenges we face. This goes beyond the “science bit” of insulin, carbs, technology, basal/bolus regimes, HbA1Cs and into the daily challenges of decision making, motivation, frustration, weird unexplained results…the list goes on, but T1D is without question a condition that affects body AND mind.  I’m happy to see that healthcare professionals are talking more about mental health and diabetes and I’m looking forward to joining in the conversation on this and hopefully seeing how this leads to action to better support people with diabetes.

Published by Michelle Law

I write a blog about life with Type 1 Diabetes at pumpsandpricks.com

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