Is it time for an insulin pump break?

Blog-insulin-pump-photoIt’s weird to imagine what it’ll be like to de-rig from my insulin pump after wearing one for nearly 11 years but I am starting to think I need a break. This feels uncomfortable to admit because I know they aren’t easy to come by and I don’t want to be at all ungrateful for this amazing piece of kit.

The problem is, I am having so many dramas with infusion sites, my troubleshooting has unreliable results and I am often getting blood sugars that are above my target range for long periods of time. I do have occasional days where I stay in range all day, and the bolus from the pump does the job but way more often I follow my normal routine and it’s as though I haven’t taken any insulin at all. I change the cannula and put in fresh insulin and sometimes it does the trick. I love it when this happens because I think “it wasn’t my fault my sugars are high”…but when a changed cannula and fresh insulin doesn’t seem to make much difference I am back to square one. Is it another dodgy site? I am really lacking in fresh real estate to put the cannulas so it could be. I just hate the second guessing all the time when that goes on.  I spoke to my doctor about this at my last appointment (where my HbA1c had shot up) and she suggested I try my legs (I hated that) and to change my cannula more often (I’ve been less lazy better at that than I was) but there’s been no dramatic improvement.

There are aspects of multiple daily injections that I used to find awkward (I did that for 3 years before going on the pump) – I was never that comfortable injecting in public and definitely not in the middle of a work meeting over lunch (always a trip to the bathroom for that). Times have changed though. I’ve worked from home for the last 4 years and the continuing lockdown means I can spend this time calmly seeing whether injections for a few weeks will make a positive difference.  I haven’t raised this with my doctor yet but it seems like it might be a sensible thing to try.

Anyone else got any experience about moving back and forth between MDI and pumps?



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