About me


I’m Michelle, a 38 year old working mum who has Type 1 Diabetes. When I’m not working you can find me reading, listening to podcasts, walking the dog, being with my family and friends, and, on infrequent but blissful occasions, mindfully ironing while listening to Radio 4.  If I have got time to do that, it means I’m having a calm week.  I love learning about stuff, I’ve always liked studying and I like figuring out how to do things better.  I realised over the years that I was learning a lot of useful things but filing them away in my brain…so now I’m trying to get better at putting what I learn into action.

Why Type 1 Diabetes?

Since my diagnosis 12 years ago, and before writing this blog, I had never met anyone else with #T1D in real life, and I’ve often turned to the internet to look for answers to my questions. It occurred to me that my own experiences might be helpful for others to hear about too, which is why I have started writing this blog and joined Twitter (@MichelleLawT1D).

I’m not a doctor and you won’t find any medical advice here!

What I like reading

My favourite types of books are the sort of thing you find in the “popular non-fiction” section of an airport bookshop. How to be happy, live well, understand yourself and the world around you better, how to get on at work, how to be a good parent, how to train your dog and how to…well, whatever I’m trying to figure out at the time.  I like authors like Gretchen Rubin (The Happiness Project), Malcolm Gladwell (David & Goliath), Alain de Botton (all the School of Life books by him and others), you get the gist. Occasionally I read fiction too, but it has to be really good to keep my attention (ideally light, funny, not too serious).

A few years ago I wrote a blog called Mind Growing Reads where I talked about the books I’d been reading and what I got out of them, but work and a house move to the other side of the world distracted me and I never restarted it.


I listen to podcasts when I walk my dog. It’s one of the things I like to do most. My current must-listens are:

  • the High-Low
  • Fortunately
  • By the Book
  • Happier with Gretchen Rubin
  • Happier in Hollywood
  • Work Life with Adam Grant
  • How to Own the Room

My day job(s)

I’m Head of Corporate Development for a national wealth management company and I recently completed a three year term as a non-executive on the Governing Body of my local NHS Clinical Commissioning Group. These are all my personal views.