Diabetes Burnout

I found it really hard to find useful information to help me overcome my diabetes burnout. Thankfully this topic has attracted a lot more attention recently with useful resources being added to all the time. Here are some that you might find useful.


You can read my story about overcoming diabetes burnout on the JDRF website here: Diabetes burnout – where did my motivation go?

Some others you could try:

How to Avoid Diabetes Burnout from Diabetes Self Management

Diabetes Burnout from Beyond Type One

Diabetes Burnout: Why It’s Absolutely Normal and How to Work Through It from the Medtronic website

What is diabetes distress and burnout? from Diabetes UK


Dealing with Diabetes Burnout by Ginger Vieira

Diabetes Burnout: What to Do When You Can’t Take It Anymore: Preventing It, Surviving It, Finding Inner Peace by William H. Polonsky